Troubadour 2019
This project was a collaboration between Mary Britton and I with the University of West Florida. The project was to put together student submitted literature, poetry, photography, and illustrations. I have selected a few pieces of works from the journal to display. The layout of the journal and designs shown are my own expect the work submitted by students. 
Mary Britton worked on the front and back covers, as well as the "Today" design shown. My cat, Tyler, makes a special guest appearance at the end. :)
The front cover of a print copy of the Troubadour 2019 book in front of a pink background.
Back cover of the Troubadour 2019 print book that has the words "Troubadour" spread out the page from top to bottom.
Photo of the middle of the book spread out. A man stands before a landscape of mountains, water, and trees.
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