Andrew Velasco is a photographer based in Pensacola, FL who is documenting the revival of the local DIY/Punk music scene that was negatively impacted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrew’s early work captures local favorites The Taints, Ego Death, Feed Lemon, and BONES at DIY venues Easy Going Gallery, American Legion 33, and Dixeyland Rocks. In 2022, he was voted runner-up best photographer for InWeekly’s Best of the Coast.

His body of work spans more than tens of thousands of photos of more than 100 artists/bands and the rise of the Pensacola music scene as well as assisting bands in promoting their music and growing their audiences. His work has been published in online articles and print newspapers, used for album art, and shared across social media. Andrew continues to support and photograph the local scene and works closely with bands Feed Lemon and Ego Death.

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